I love the idea of a lingerie shower. One because, while some will tell you that it is traditional, it really is a non-traditional type of bridal shower.

And when you pick a shower that is non-standard you have a lot of room to experiment. Plan different activities, and maybe even do something amazing.

But there is a word of caution.

Make sure you let your guests in on your plans.

This includes picking an invitation that reflects your intentions.

I think that the easiest way to do this is when you choose a lingerie shower that actually expresses you desires for the bridal shower. For a lingerie bridal shower I think that it is better to request on the invitation that if people wanted to buy lingerie they should instead purchase a gift card to Nordstrom, figleaves or barenecessities to ensure a proper fit. It will work too! And with gift cards you aren't limited by the guest's taste!

A lingerie shower is one of those nontraditional styles of bridal shower where you are a little freer to make arrangements.

For example if guests are expected to pay for their own brunch, the term is "No host."

You will often see "no host" bridal showers hat focus on the lingerie aspect of the shower.

If you want credit for planning, you could add "coordinated by" afterward. To make it even more explicit but not tacky, add a "menu and pricing can be found at thewebsite.com" at the end of the invite.

I do think it's sort of rude to expect guests to bring a gift (especially a specific one, as in lingerie theme shower, that is why I suggest a small gift card for some of the aforementioned shops) as well as pay for themselves, but that might be a 'know your crowd' thing. I would probably add in "gifts optional" but that may be personal preference.

If you decide to go with this style of shower please, instead of having everyone whip out cash at the end, coordinate a food and drink deal with the restaurant and figure out a price per person (including tip). That way you can add on the invite that a fixed menu of $xx per person will be available, so everyone can come with the appropriate amount and know what to expect and can opt out and eat before if they can't afford it. But honestly if it's more than $25 I would be kind of bummed as a guest. If it's more than that I would definitely say no gifts.

I think it's fine to put yourself as the coordinator since you are planning it and you would be the person they contact, as long as you make all of the monetary requirements clear and don't call yourself the host. The reason is because you will be the one that the guests assume made the faux pas.