To me, the mason jars and chalkboards are more the 'Rustic Chic' theme rather than vintage (but I think Vintage is big this year, too, and the flavors are melding a bit). But yeah. They're both big. Just wait, the trend will change again in the next two months. I predict turquoise and coral and lime green and navy. I bet the nautical theme gets big for the east coast.

Pinterest can drive you crazy trying to create a unique, one-of-a-kind special wedding which has never been done before. That site stresses Do-it-yourself to the point where no bride has the time to do all that! I drove myself nuts trying to plan a barn wedding with home-made succulent center pieces and mason jar cocktails and farm-to-table meals. Then I realized that I didn't actually care that much and really I was just trying to replicate the wedding that I saw on my Pinterest board. So I found a nice outdoor venue with on-site catering that will decorate my tables with nice linens in my colors. I called a florist to make the center pieces and we will drink our cocktails out of actual stemware. And I'm just as happy.

I think vintage, as a general term, will always have its place among the trends. When my hubby deployed and we had to do a short notice event, I went with vintage dress and hair because it was something I could do last-minute to get some personalization into the event. For our big celebration, consider only using pinterest as a basis for ideas and take your inspiration from there. Don't look at it and see it as a blue print. You want your wedding to be about who you are.

This means that not all of the vintage items/ideas that you will find on there are really vintage. Sometimes categories will get mixed up, with people posting the wrong items in the vintage section.

That is why it helps to have a clear idea of what your vintage should look like.