My name is Jade and I had a wonderful mother who is a little obsessed with vintage fashion.

You could imagine what our dress up parties looked like.

This site is a contemporary and vintage heaven for the trend-setting fashionista looking for those perfect designers and unknown labels to set them apart from the crowd.

I consider a wide range of styles and times to be vintage. This includes the 1920’s and anything from antiques, art and furniture to sequined designer evening gowns and redesigned vintage. These vintage collections are inspired by art, culture, decades, music, literature, people, places and anything that feels free, fun and unique. These ideas not only offer a fresh and funky but in impeccable quality to insure a purchase that will last forever. Making them ideal for bridal showers.

I also manage an @vintagemometos shop for my mother-in-law which features a wide variety of vintage collectibles and jewelry. This shop has given me the opportunity to learn about an eclectic range of styles, time periods and categories of collectibles.