Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Classy Ways To Ask For Cash

Let's face it, there are only so many toasters that you will ever need. And cash is so much more helpful. But is it acceptable to just ask for cash?

If you aren't certain you could consider using "Zola" as a registry.

It's a website only.

You can create cash funds for honeymoon, home repair, whatever your heart desires but you can also register for physical items. For higher priced items you can switch it to a "group gift" and several people can contribute money toward a gift. You can also move money if people contribute to an item but you'd rather get a different item on your registry you can move the money to that item.

The only thing that I personally see as a down side is that for cash contributions they do charge the 2% or whatever for the credit card fee which may turn some people off. My friend had a zola registry and if I remember correctly the gift giver can choose whether they cover the charge or if it comes out of the money they give you.

A less classy way, but just as direct is when couples use websites like 'gofundme' and just include a nice little blurb about how it will help them meet their financial goals and start their relationship without financial stress.

Even better, don't ask for cash. But save it when you are planning the wedding. The main reason that people end up hurting for dough when they get married is because they planned a wedding outside of their price range. A couple's love is not measured in the amount spent on a wedding. And if you're guests are expecting a lavish affair it isn't you job to give it to them.

Cakes can be expensive when you have one big one for everybody. But why not do things a little differently. Instead of one big wedding cake, have a small wedding cake made for each table. The price might be the same as a 3 tier cake but it can take the place of coming up with center pieces for each table.

When it was time to serve the cake, stand up to do your ceremonial first piece then have every table serve themselves. I really enjoy this over the traditional large cake and trying to serve everyone from it.

Lingerie Showers A Nice Bridal Alternative

I love the idea of a lingerie shower. One because, while some will tell you that it is traditional, it really is a non-traditional type of bridal shower.

And when you pick a shower that is non-standard you have a lot of room to experiment. Plan different activities, and maybe even do something amazing.

But there is a word of caution.

Make sure you let your guests in on your plans.

This includes picking an invitation that reflects your intentions.

I think that the easiest way to do this is when you choose a lingerie shower that actually expresses you desires for the bridal shower. For a lingerie bridal shower I think that it is better to request on the invitation that if people wanted to buy lingerie they should instead purchase a gift card to Nordstrom, figleaves or barenecessities to ensure a proper fit. It will work too! And with gift cards you aren't limited by the guest's taste!

A lingerie shower is one of those nontraditional styles of bridal shower where you are a little freer to make arrangements.

For example if guests are expected to pay for their own brunch, the term is "No host."

You will often see "no host" bridal showers hat focus on the lingerie aspect of the shower.

If you want credit for planning, you could add "coordinated by" afterward. To make it even more explicit but not tacky, add a "menu and pricing can be found at" at the end of the invite.

I do think it's sort of rude to expect guests to bring a gift (especially a specific one, as in lingerie theme shower, that is why I suggest a small gift card for some of the aforementioned shops) as well as pay for themselves, but that might be a 'know your crowd' thing. I would probably add in "gifts optional" but that may be personal preference.

If you decide to go with this style of shower please, instead of having everyone whip out cash at the end, coordinate a food and drink deal with the restaurant and figure out a price per person (including tip). That way you can add on the invite that a fixed menu of $xx per person will be available, so everyone can come with the appropriate amount and know what to expect and can opt out and eat before if they can't afford it. But honestly if it's more than $25 I would be kind of bummed as a guest. If it's more than that I would definitely say no gifts.

I think it's fine to put yourself as the coordinator since you are planning it and you would be the person they contact, as long as you make all of the monetary requirements clear and don't call yourself the host. The reason is because you will be the one that the guests assume made the faux pas.

Tips For An Affordable Honeymoon

Are you contemplating skipping the honeymoon? Would it simply cost too much? I recommend looking at Groupon Getaways. There are lots of exotic locations and some more local hotel deals, as well. Definitely worth checking out.

How it works is that it's a discounted package through a travel company. You have to "redeem" the Groupon by a certain date by calling the company and scheduling your trip. You won't be traveling as part of a group, it'll just be the two of you, which is nice. My only issue/fear so far is that the communication/customer service from agencey will be poor. This can be a downside if you have questions and the travel agent assigned to our trip doesn't respond very quickly to emails or phone calls. For the most part it's not a deal breaker, but kind of annoying.

If you will be building a patchwork family you can consider a cruise. Why?

Royal Caribbean runs offers where the child can free to sail. Basically everything is paid for unless we want something extra like alcohol, massages, excursions, etc). Plus they have a complimentary kid program where they take your child to play with other kids in their age bracket and they go do fun activities so we can get adult alone time too.

Vintage Floral Arrangements

Since no one really mentions this when it comes to floral arrangements, greens can be much less expensive than blooms. You can focus more on greenery and use select blooms to accent and/or berries.

Seriously, when you are a little 'challenged' monetarily or preparing a impromptu get together, go hunt and cut fresh greenery from the woods and arrange it indoors. It always looks gorgeous and people rave about it. (word to the wise: inspect your greenery before you bring it inside.) Anyway- you don't have to go picking, you can buy greenery from floral suppliers.

This is useful for both bridal shower and weddings. If you use the same technique for a wedding you will need a lot more of it. Usually for a bridal shower you can get away with two or three big centerpieces and some small bouquets for accent decorations.

You can even consider herbs for a fragrant alternative which work wonderfully for vintage showers. I've seen gorgeous things done with lavender. Frankly, it might be a good idea to minimize blooms anyway if tis' going to be hot.

You should be able to get away with well under $10 per groomsman - I'm thinking you could do each for around $5 and your girls, easily $20 or less.

Another three options I've seen done to lovely effect is:

  1. Wristlets for your maids using three or four flowers
  2. Carrying a single gorgeous flower (think large, like a peony or sunflower). Simple can be beautiful and elegant.
  3. Carrying a very small sapling (potted part wrapped in burlap and ribbons of course!) that will later be gifted to the church/parents of the bride/groom, grandparents, etc to plant on their property as a memento of the marriage.

I spent about $100 dollars on flowers from Whole Foods & Trader Joe's the day before the most recent bridal shower (yes, vintage) and arranged them myself. I used silk flowers for the centerpieces, but they are honestly not really cheaper, just easier to do if you aren't hiring a florist because you can make the centerpieces ahead of time.

If you use fresh flowers that are in season, and arrange them yourself, you can definitely do 6 bouquets and 5 bouttonieres for under $200. Just depends on how crafty you want to be!

Picking Favors For Your Guests

I used to be a wedding planner and honestly anything inedible does not go over well regardless of how "cool" it is unless you can afford to give out iPads.

Luggage tags come to mind for a travel themed wedding but I am truly not a fan of knick knacks. Travel tags can be awesome when done right. Especially if you can double them as escort cards! I would totally take that and keep it for long time! Plus you can just store it with your luggage and it won't take any unnecessary space!

Still, I suggest edibles. How about sugar cookies decorated to look like steamer trunks, luggage tags, old plane tickets, cruise ships, etc.?

I'm going to forgo favors altogether but someone did suggest that we do a card at each seat saying that in lieu of favors we made a donation to X charity. (We also skipped the registry and suggested an optional nominal donation to X charity instead.) So that's an idea.

The best suggestion I have was taken from a Quaker tradition that made modest donations in guests' names to really great charitable causes. It fells really genuine, kept with the theme of the shower, and simply donate the amount you would spend on knick-knacks or goodies.

Don't Get Fooled, Not All Vintage Is Really Vintage

To me, the mason jars and chalkboards are more the 'Rustic Chic' theme rather than vintage (but I think Vintage is big this year, too, and the flavors are melding a bit). But yeah. They're both big. Just wait, the trend will change again in the next two months. I predict turquoise and coral and lime green and navy. I bet the nautical theme gets big for the east coast.

Pinterest can drive you crazy trying to create a unique, one-of-a-kind special wedding which has never been done before. That site stresses Do-it-yourself to the point where no bride has the time to do all that! I drove myself nuts trying to plan a barn wedding with home-made succulent center pieces and mason jar cocktails and farm-to-table meals. Then I realized that I didn't actually care that much and really I was just trying to replicate the wedding that I saw on my Pinterest board. So I found a nice outdoor venue with on-site catering that will decorate my tables with nice linens in my colors. I called a florist to make the center pieces and we will drink our cocktails out of actual stemware. And I'm just as happy.

I think vintage, as a general term, will always have its place among the trends. When my hubby deployed and we had to do a short notice event, I went with vintage dress and hair because it was something I could do last-minute to get some personalization into the event. For our big celebration, consider only using pinterest as a basis for ideas and take your inspiration from there. Don't look at it and see it as a blue print. You want your wedding to be about who you are.

This means that not all of the vintage items/ideas that you will find on there are really vintage. Sometimes categories will get mixed up, with people posting the wrong items in the vintage section.

That is why it helps to have a clear idea of what your vintage should look like.

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